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Periodontal disease is the most common infectious disease in both dogs and cats. In fact, 85% of adult pets have some form of periodontal disease. The teeth cleaning process is compiles of various procedures, which include: 1. Lab Profile 2. Anesthesia 3. Endotracheal Intubation 4. Monitor / Nursing Care 5. Scale / Polish 6. Fluoride Teeth 7. Recovery The total cost for the above procedures is $235.57
1. Comprehensive blood work for pets over 5 years (CBC, Organ Screen, T4) Additional cost is $167.32
2. Pain medication for home use ($20 - $55)
Possible additional cost:
1. Antibiotics for use at home after surgery ($29 - $75) 2. Extractions / Oral surgery per tooth ($15 -$70) 3. Pain medicine intra operative ($30- $45) 4. Fluid Therapy ($25 -$55)
I authorize University Animal Care Clinic to preform the above procedures. I understand there is always a risk from anesthesia and surgery. We will take all precautions against unforeseen problems and will not be held liable within the capacity.

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